Unison Arts Center

Board & Staff

Unison Board of Directors and Advisors

A new Board has joined the Unison team – partnering with Unison’s founders to contribute to and expand Unison’s vision, bringing an integrated approach to enriching the cultural life and community of the Hudson Valley.

We plan to leverage Unison’s long-standing vision as a hub for performing and fine arts, expanding its mission and reach far beyond the role it has traditionally played.

Our goal: to foster innovation and experimentation, community empowerment, and healing for individuals, communities, and the planet.

We currently have 12 advisory board members deeply engaged in reformulating Unison’s vision and creating partnerships and resources, 5 of whom have joined the Board of Directors, including Stuart and Helene Bigley, Unison’s founders.

Please visit our Unison Transformation webpage to learn more about our mission: UNISONCENTER.ORG

Our Current Board Of Advisors:

  • Matthew Friday, Associate Professor of Critical Studies and Graduate Coordinator at SUNY New Paltz
  • Michael Asbill, independent curator, arts advocate, director or Chrch Project Space, co-founder of KMOCA (Kingston Museum of Contemporary Art)
  • Sarah Warren, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Art History, SUNY Purchase
  • Paul Lichtenberg, PhD, Clinical Psychologist, Co-founder of Iris Yoga and Retreat Center
  • Linda J. Park, Head of Programs & Development at the Richard Hampton Jenrette Foundation
  • Karali Pitzele, Program Director, New Teacher Center – NYC; founder and former principal, The Green School
  • Chris Hewitt, Publisher, Country Wisdom News; Director, Hudson Valley Current
  • Christin Seward, CPA, teach business classes at Culinary Institute, financial therapist
  • Joanne Leffeld, Moolah Doula – Creating financial well being, President of Band NY, Inc.
  • Daniel Lipson, Associate Professor of Political Science, SUNY New Paltz

Unison has a responsibility to serve and respond to the changing needs of the community. Please help us by sharing your ideas for what you would like to see happen at Unison – your views on what the Unison of the future should be. We are eager to hear from you.  Please send your thoughts to us by email at info@unisonarts.org.