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For more than 36 years Ostrovsky’s “Painting To Music” on stage with musicians as they play, uses the immediacy of the music and environment to record the performance in a highly original and innovative context.
Born in North Africa and raised throughout Asia, Ostrovsky’s paintings reflect growing up in Taiwan, the Philippines and Bangladesh. This left her with images about universal themes of human aloneness and interactions that occur in all cultures.
She has worked with musicians of the highest caliber – to include David Murray, Fred Hopkins, Erica Lindsay, Roswell Rudd, Glynis Loman, Leonard Brown, Lisa Thorson’s JazzArtSigns, Syd Smart, Thurman Barker, Elizabeth Panzer, Ferdinand Forsch, Hugh Brodie, Chris Sullivan, Joe Morris, Dandelion Dance Theatre and Tony Perez, among others.
Live paintings have been created in venues ranging from jazz clubs to outdoor festivals, such as the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Knitting Factory, The Fabrik- Germany, The John Coltrane Memorial Concert, Rochester School of Music, USIA, Massachusetts College of Art, The International Festival of Media Art Media Future, Germany, ODC San Francisco , Electric Lodge, LA, Very Special Arts/ JazzArtSigns and the Festival of Women Improvisers.
Ostrovsky has exhibited worldwide, and her work is included in many private and public collections.



The gallery is open from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. on Monday through Friday and by appointment (call 845-255-1559).


Sculpture Garden at Unison

July 2, 2017 Opening Reception 

Ghost in the Woods, Matt Pozorski

“Ghost in the Woods,” Matt Pozorski


Unison Arts Center will celebrate the 2017 Outdoor Sculpture Garden opening. Everyone is encouraged to bring a picnic and wander through Unison’s woodland garden. Experience these magnificent sculptures in a lovely, peaceful setting which includes a fishpond. This year’s exhibition includes new works by many artists that have participated in past years as well as sculpture pieces by several new artists. The Sculpture Garden is open all year round.


Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden
Ghost in the Woods, Matt Pozorski Ghost in the Woods, Matt Pozorski
Hanna Eshel at Unison Sculpture Garden Hanna Eshel at Unison Sculpture Garden
Unison Sculpture Garden Unison Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden
Unison Sculpture Garden Unison Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden
Sculpture Garden Sculpture Garden


Submitting Work for the Unison Gallery

Unison Arts accepts submissions for exhibitions in its gallery throughout the year.  The gallery has approximately 80 feet of wall space for both group and solo exhibitions. The gallery committee reviews submissions and makes selections periodically, generally booking one year in advance.



All media and styles are acceptable, although we can only exhibit artwork which can be hung on the walls of the gallery—it is a multi-use space which hosts workshops, performances, classes and meetings.

All work must be ready to hang.

The artists will provide Unison Arts with a short biography and resume for our publicity by the date requested.

To submit work please send an email with the following  information to info@unisonarts.org:

  • Your name, mailing address, email address, website, and phone number
  • A brief artist bio (approximately 200 words) and a current resume
  • 5-10 high quality jpg images of the type of work proposed for an exhibition
    Please identify the medium and dimensions for each image and adjust the image size so that the largest dimension is no more than 1200 pixels.

Gallery Policy:

Unison will do its best to protect all artwork.  Our insurance does not cover artwork in the gallery or in the sculpture garden.

The installation of each show is scheduled on the Wednesday prior to the Sunday opening.

The work will remain in the gallery for the duration of the show and will not be for sale at other venues during this time period.

The show will be taken down by the artist(s) the day after the show closes. This is very important because Unison has no storage facility.

Please address any questions to info@unisonarts.org or call the office at 845-255-1559

Gallery Hours

Monday: 10am- 3pm
Tuesday: 10am-3pm
Wednesday: 10am-3pm
Thursday: 10am-3pm
Friday: 10am-3pm
Weekends: by appointment only

Guidelines for submitting work to the gallery can found here