Unison Arts Center

  • June 4th - July 8th 2017
    For more than 36 years Ostrovsky’s “Painting To Music” on stage with musicians as they play, uses the immediacy of the music and environment to record the performance in a highly original and innovative context. Learn More >
  • SATURDAY | JULY 16, 23 | 10AM - 4PM
    Photographing the Nude in Nature July 2017
    Dan McCormack, head of the Photography program at Marist College, leads work with figure models in natural settings. Saturdays July 16 & 23 Learn More >
  • Wayfinder 2017 Summer Day Camps in the Hudson Valley
    Imagine a world where heroes and villains engage in a never-ending battle between good and evil, where the laughter of faeries is echoed by the roar of dragons, where powers exist that can raise the dead, heal the wounded, and harm the living, where oracles prophesize and rogues slip quietly into the night… Learn More >
  • December 2nd & 3rd
    27th Annual Craft, Art and Design Fair 2017
    Master crafts people and fine artists display and sell their work. You can buy gallery quality handcrafted gift items, ceramics, jewelry, leather work, clocks, wreaths, woodwork and more at affordable prices. Learn More >
  • Unison Transformation
    A new Board has joined the Unison team - partnering with Unison’s founders to contribute to and expand Unison’s vision. Our goal: to foster innovation and experimentation, community empowerment, and healing for individuals, communities, and the planet. Learn More >